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Transition in Leadership

Dear valued members,

As you may know Jayne Vose has now stepped down as Chair of the South Yorkshire Provider Network, in order to fully enjoy her retirement. Our new interim Chair, Lisa Hawksby, shares the below message to the networks members.

" I am writing to you today regarding the transition in our leadership. As many of you are already aware, our esteemed Chair, Jayne Vose, has graciously stepped down from her position. On behalf of the board and myself, I extend our deepest appreciation to Jayne for her dedicated service and invaluable contributions to the provider network over the past six years. We extend our warmest wishes to Jayne for a fulfilling retirement ahead.
I am privileged to assume the role of Interim Chair along with my colleague Ray Byrne who will be acting as Vice Chair during this transitional period. It is essential to emphasise that our appointments are temporary . After thorough deliberation, as a board we have determined that appointing an independent chair, characterised by impartiality yet dedicated to the best interests of the provider network, is paramount for our continued progress.
In assuming this interim position, I want to communicate our commitment to South Yorkshire and our provider base. Our collective efforts have yielded remarkable achievements, and our foremost objective is to spotlight these accomplishments to our stakeholders while providing steadfast support to our network. We are resolutely dedicated to fostering the growth and development of our sector, ensuring its ability to deliver exceptional learner and employer provisions across South Yorkshire.
In the coming weeks, we will have the pleasure of disseminating our new monthly newsletter, which will outline forthcoming enhancements aimed at bolstering our support for you. This will encompass pertinent sector updates, as well as opportunities for continuous professional development.
As the fifth partner in South Yorkshire, alongside our esteemed regional colleges, we are honoured to represent the voice of providers across various pivotal platforms, including the South Yorkshire Skills Advisory Board, South Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub Governance Board, Local Skills Improvement Project Board, Northern Skills Network, and the South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority.
We appreciate your support and commitment to our shared vision and look forward to the opportunities to collaborate closely with each of you in the coming months as we embark on this journey together.Warmest Regards,  

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