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Membership Referrals

If you were present at our recent briefing at the brand new Highfields Coffee Social, you would have heard Board Member Lisa Hawksby's announcement regarding Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Membership Referrals. If you missed it, here's the overview...

LSIF has allocated funds, specifically to our network, to facilitate the creation of two new roles dedicated to conducting 100 Training Needs Analyses (TNA's) throughout the South Yorkshire Region. The goal is to identify skill needs and address gaps within the region.

What is our goal?

Armed with a comprehensive database detailing training needs and skill gaps throughout the region, our objective is to share this valuable information with the network. This enables us to connect appropriate providers with suitable employers. Once paired with providers capable of delivering the required training, it becomes the responsibility of the member to engage with the employer in the most effective manner.

This service is offered to members without any additional charges, and we are eager to capture and document the case studies and the employers' journeys throughout their experience with SYPN and its members.

For further information on this, please contact

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