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Let's talk about maths!

Did you know?

Maths anxiety is prevalent in our society, even in our local authority. According to research by the University of Cambridge, “Many children and adults experience feelings of anxiety, apprehension, tension or discomfort when confronted by a maths problem.” Maths anxiety or a fear of maths is common, and although it can limit performance in certain situations and contexts, it’s not linked to intelligence or ability.

What can we do?

The National Numeracy Challenge is a free service, provided by National Numeracy, to enable people to build their confidence and competence with numbers. It starts by asking a couple of questions about how you feel about maths and then showing real life stories from others who feel the same. Improving your everyday maths skills does not need to involve going to college.

The National Numeracy Challenge website is used by thousands of adults every month to help them improve their confidence with numbers. It adapts to whatever your current level is, so only gets more challenging when you are ready for it to.

What next?

You can join National Numeracy's CPD accredited programmes, which gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to support those who have low confidence with numeracy.

The programme is not about teaching maths, but focuses on helping adults who may feel anxious with numbers. You don't have to be a maths specialist - just a supportive person to help others get started in improving their confidence and maths skills.

This programme is suitable to those supporting others in their organisation or local community.

Download the sheet below to gain access to their available sessions.

Becoming a Numeracy Champion - Multiply - 2024 dates with QR code Feb 24
Download PDF • 933KB

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